Bobby CorreiaBobby Correia

I’ve come a long way since my father started Rinox in 1997. I used to spend my summers sweeping the floor, and then got promoted to driving the lifts and working the machines. Today, I am proudly called the general manager of Rinox. I do everything I can to obtain expertise in this domain. I’ve become NCMA and ICPI certified, to the point where I’ve gained so much knowledge, they let me teach the classes! I’m in constant contact with the industry professionals like builders and landscapers. It gives me the opportunity to come up with creative products and ideas to suit the tastes of homeowners and the needs of the professionals. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with everyone!

Horacio CorreiaHoracio Correia

I founded Rinox in 1997 with the goal of bringing something new and different to the market. The Rinox logo was created to symbolized strength and durability hence, the Rhino of our logo, and our name, Rinox. In the 20 years since we’ve launched the business, we’ve accumulated many patents. All with the same theme; to create innovative products that are both functional and modern. Our mission at Rinox is to ensure our products meet the highest standards. To achieve this, my focus remains on research and development and quality control in all areas of our production facility. Nothing makes me prouder than the moment a new product concept becomes reality. I’m excited to participate in your concrete product selection process.

Isabelle BernierIsabelle Bernier

I am the creative head of the Marketing Department of Rinox. I am passionate about photography and home staging! I travel throughout Quebec with the team and I live to make sure that the all details in our photoshoots are perfect and unique. I am in charge of the styling, the graphics, and the concept of our marketing campaigns, brochures, etc. I am always on the lookout for new trends, and I like proposing creative solutions in order to blend style with functionality.
I am thrilled to share with you my favorites in design, and to give you my advice on how to enhance the appearance of your property.

Jessye CorreiaJessye Correia

Having worked in different departments here at Rinox, I’ve finally found my calling: Project Management! My job allows me to run on my own while also working alongside the Marketing team. I have a passion for planning and perfection, so this position has allowed me to take all of my skills and put them towards making all of our events stand out!
Growing up in this concrete world, I have had the opportunity to truly understand what makes Rinox so successful! Given this, I love that this blog will allow me to share my knowledge of our products and the how-to’s on making your home, PERFECT!

Marco PavoneMarco Pavone

I have been working for Rinox since it opened its doors in 1997. My first position was to take care of incoming customers in the yard by loading the trucks. I got to drive a fork lift and it was like playing with toys for grown-ups! After developing my knowledge on the wide variety of product offerings, I began working at the order desk. My daily focus was to satisfy our customers’ needs. After years of doing so, I became skilled on answering technical questions, and providing information to make our products the most user-friendly in the market. With all this technical expertise, how can I not be promoted to Customer Service Representative! My goals today are to satisfy every single person I come in contact with. As the Rinox Legend, I’m looking forward to guiding you on the best ways possible to make your dreams come true… Let’s build our future together!

Maria CorreiaMaria Correia

Girls, we run this motha (Beyoncé) as the song says… That’s me; the behind the scenes point person of the marketing department. My job includes driving around for hours to find beautiful concrete projects (among other things, of course). In my six years in this position, I’ve seen trends for landscaping projects, home building styles, and interior design. I’ve met the professionals working with our products, and listened to their best tips and tricks. Concrete products are my life, and I love it! I’m excited to share the trends I’ve seen, and the tips I’ve picked up with all the readers!